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Learning how to Teach English for speakers of other languages.

  Welcome to the world of the teaching of English as a second language (ESL). You’re about to embark on a TESOL/TEFL classroom adventure that enables you to live and teach around the world, experience new cultures and make an important difference in the lives of many students.

  The worldwide demands for English teachers are growing and it provides an excellent opportunity to experience living abroad. Many have made a career out of teaching earning a good living in numerous countries. It is a fulfilling and fun vocation.

  Asia is at the center of the ESL world, where teaching English to speakers of Asian languages is an attractive business. By opting to train English teaching in Thailand you are well placed to find a job in the region and advance your teaching career.


In fact, TESOL/TEFL are acronyms used to express the teaching of English as a foreign language. We have kept the word TESOL as our Australian partner does. Since there is no central accreditation body or industry regulator, we have decided to join a partnership that carries international recognition.

How to choose the optimal training program?

It’s advisable that you make an informed choice when getting a TESOL/TEFL qualification to optimize your teaching opportunities. There are plenty of TESOL/TEFL courses out there; not all of them carry the same weight in the ESL industry. It is worth thinking twice since you are investing considerable time, effort, and money in this endeavor.

Teaching in Thailand, the land of Smiles.

Thailand is a favorite country for teaching English for several reasons. Chief among them is the laidback lifestyle and friendliness of the locals. It’s relatively attractive to ease into the country’s life. The Thais are grateful for quality teaching but at the same time can show tolerance. Many foreigners have trodden this path before you. 

There are some much-beloved side benefits: it never gets cold, the food is great, and it’s an excellent base for some travel during the school vacation breaks. 

The Thai Ministry of Education issues teaching licenses quite easily provided the teacher has a recognized TESOL/TEFL certificate in combination with a general bachelor’s degree. Regulations can change from time-to-time, so inquire with us, we are happy to help!

Complimentary Thai Language and Cultural Courses.

Our TESOL/TEFL enrolees for October and November 2019 courses will be offered to take part in the Discover Thai Language program (worth 6,000 THB) taught by our experienced instructors in teaching the Thai to foreigners, operated by Learn Thai Inside Out, an online operation Thai Language School.

This offer will allow you to embrace yourself into Thai culture and Thai’s thoughts. You will feel more comfortable to interact with the locals, community, wherever you go all over Thailand. Classes will cover Thai pronunciation and tones, introductory greetings, learning the numbers and shopping, ordering food and drinks, Thai grammar, tenses, etc. Enrol now to our TESOL/TEFL Course to grab this special offer!!

Attractive Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to many historically and culturally interesting sites and venerable temples. Beyond there are countless tourist attractions in this creative city and paradise for shoppers, where the past and the present seamlessly merge. The City is well on its way to submit its final dossier to UNESCO in a bid to become Thailand’s first living Heritage City. Therefore it was not surprising that in 2019, Chiang Mai won accolades for the Second Best City In Asia and Third Best City in the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine.more information