Can Anyone Teach English?

Girls in school uniform on a bamboo mat in rural of Thailand.

The path to becoming an English teacher isn’t difficult or long. Most important, is that you enjoy and have the patience to teach; this will give you confidence and control of the classroom. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers are auxiliary to the education process, focusing on listening comprehension and speech; there is no need for a full English linguist education degree. 

All native or near-native English speakers aged over 20 years old with a bachelor degree and a TESOL/TEFL certification are welcome to be an ESL teacher in most schools. 

The worldwide demand for English teachers is growing and it provides an excellent opportunity to experience living abroad. Many have made a career out of teaching earning a good living in numerous countries. It is a fulfilling and fun vocation. Asia is at the centre of the ESL world, where teaching English to speakers of Asian languages is an attractive business.

By opting to train English teaching in Thailand with a TESOL training course you are well placed to find a job in the region and advance your teaching career. Thailand enables you to experience a worldwide highly appreciated culture, hence uniquely expanding your life experience. You can teach enthusiastic and curious Thai children in their effort to learn English. This, in turn, provides them with access to a wider knowledge base in our interconnected world, enriching their young lives. This is what we call a Win-Win opportunity.

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