In-classroom Training Practice Program

Our In-classroom training practice program has the objective to provide students with hands-on teaching experience in the Thai environment to develop their skills and to enrich their professional wisdom.

Seu TESOL, our training centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand is sponsored and financed by a major Chiang Mai based private Thai school educating over 2,500 students from early years to high school level (grade 12) since 1990.

You will be able to take part in a practical teaching experience where you observe experienced trainers teaching English to speakers of other languages. You can then plan and deliver your ESL lessons as part of our Total Immersion course. This will allow you to demonstrate that you have acquired the skills required to put the theory of the course into practice.

How it Works?

Your teaching will be observed by our TESOL trainer Zainal Ali, who has been teaching English since 2004 and is experienced in teaching at a top twenty rated universities in China and language schools in Japan, and in Thailand. He also taught in language schools in Brisbane, Australia for seven years. In early 2017 he took up a position as an Academic English instructor at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane where he is still employed. He travelled extensively and taught students from over 40 countries making him a valuable expert in cross-cultural teaching and affairs.

Besides having to prepare top-notch classes, our trainer will observe your actions in the classroom, starting from your dialogues with the ESL students, giving feedback, support to help develop your teaching ability and correction to giving effective instructions in the classroom. At the end of the course, we want you to feel confident in your ability to teach when you enter an ESL classroom.
During your practical placement, you will get to:

• Observe teaching strategies and techniques
• Gather lots of ideas for your lessons
• Know the ESL students that you will be teaching and get an idea of their current English proficiency levels and their needs
• Test what delivery style works best for you and the ESL students you teach
• Apply what you learn in the course to real-life situations
Our In-classroom training practice program offers 12 hours of 6 hours of observation & 6 hours of teaching practice, over a period of two weeks. This includes preparing your teaching plans under the supervision of ESL teachers.

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