10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL Course Outline

Our commitment is to train you for the classroom.

Seu TESOL Chiang Mai, Thailand is hosting the Australian Language Training Institute’s (LTi) government-accredited 10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL ​(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

This training is provided by LTi, under the Australian Registered Training Organisation, RTO No. 30173. ​Seu TESOL is responsible for advertising the course, providing a venue for classes, and is in charge of the practical placements.​

The Total Immersion TESOL courses train you in pedagogical methodology, phonology, grammar tuition, language awareness and importantly supervised extensive real-classroom experience.

LTi publishes a full suite of TESOL Training resources that are used by over 20 different national and international training organizations. LTi regularly undertakes external audits to ensure its partners meet the Australian Quality Training Framework Standards.

With us you will:

Gain the confidence to enter classrooms to convincingly teach and inspire your students and much more.

What are the requirements?

We offer the LTi syllabus which is an accredited qualification endorsed by the Australian government.

• Nominal Study Hours: 580 – 650 hours.
• Observe and work with an experienced ESL teacher.
​• A mix of theory and practical training on how to teach English to speakers of other languages.
• Get hands-on experience of putting the knowledge learned into practice in real-life - preparing a teaching plan and teaching at least 6 hours in a Thai school environment under ESL teacher supervision. Besides, you have the opportunity for an additional 6 hours teaching component on your own.
• Get experience that you can put on your resume.
• Get an internationally recognised certificate (Cert IV); this requires graduates to complete a minimum of 12 hours of authentic practical placement with Thai students.
What Will You Achieve with the 10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL?

• Analyse the relationship between culture and learning
• Understand English language and communication
• Gain knowledge of the genre-based approach to teaching English
• Plan lessons and classroom management strategies
• Understand and teach grammar, spelling and pronunciation
• Teach others to speak, listen, read and write English
• Evaluate English ability
• Create, collect and collate teaching resources
• Plus complete 1 elective
• 12 hours of Practical Placement
Mandatory core units to obtain the 10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL

TESCIE001 - Create a culturally inclusive learning environment
TESGAE001 - Use the genre approach to teach English
TESTEG001 - Teach English grammar
TESTSP001 - Teach spelling and pronunciation
TESTSE001 - Teach speaking
TESTLE001 - Teach listening
TESTRE001 - Teach reading
TESTWE001 - Teach writing
TESDRF001 - Develop resource files
Certificate IV in TESOL students also complete one (1) of the following elective units:

TESECL001 - Teach ESL to early childhood learners
TESPSL001 - Teach ESL to primary school-aged learners
TESTAL001 - Teach ESL to teenage learners
TESMAD001 - Use music, art and drama in TESOL
TESTEC001 - Use technology to assist ESL learning
TESWWV001 - Work with volunteers in ESL contexts

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