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Can anyone teach English? What are the conditions?

The path to becoming an English teacher isn’t difficult or long. Most important, is that you enjoy and have the patience to teach; this will give you confidence and control of the classroom.

English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers are auxiliary to the education process, focusing on listening comprehension and speech; there is no need for a full English linguist education degree. All candidates over 20 years old are welcome to the Seu TESOL Total Immersion course.

What are the requirements?

• All native or near-native English speakers aged over 20 years old with a bachelor degree are welcome to our course.

• There is no previous teaching experience or qualification required.

• We can accept Non-English mother-tongue speakers if they provide English language efficiency evidence.

• Secondary School transcripts showing a pass level or higher after secondary school (Year 12) or a very high level after junior secondary school (Year 10)

• Enrolment in other courses of study requiring an equivalent or above level of English ability (for example a University Bachelor Degree)

• A result from an endorsed test of English proficiency (with an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent for 10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL entry)

If you are unable to provide evidence of English proficiency, you may be asked to complete an entry test. Please contact us to discuss.

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