Seu TESOL Chiang Mai, Thailand is hosting the Australian Language Training Institute’s (LTi) government-accredited 10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL ​(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

This training is provided by LTi, an Australian Registered Training Organisation, RTO No. 30173.

Seu TESOL in Chiang Mai, Thailand is responsible for advertising the course, providing training and supervision, a venue for classes, and is in charge of the practical placements in Thai schools.​

Flexibly and comfortably learn your 10695NAT - Certificate IV in TESOL when and wherever you like. Our combination program, in order to receive the certificate, offers nominal 580 – 650 study hours and 12 hourly sessions of in-class experience ( 6 sessions as an observer, and 6 sessions as a teacher in Thai Schools), once you have completed the online/distance session.

The course focuses on preparing you for the different types of lessons you will be teaching as an English teacher, such as reading, writing, and grammar. The curriculum will thoroughly prepare you for anything you could face in a foreign classroom.

Additionally, in the 2 weeks of practicum-teaching, the staff at Seu TESOL will provide training and supervision support to help you through any difficulties you may encounter throughout the 6 hours of the observation and the 6 hours of the teaching practice. It includes teaching techniques, cultural understanding, and intensive supervised in-classroom teaching experience. This provides the fastest and the most solid entry for successful teaching with the highest chance of attractive school placements. Beyond your TESOL course and the practicum, Seu TESOL will help you with the job placement assistance and résumé/CV guidance as well.

Course Fee:

LTi Online/distance enrolment $1500 AUD ( US$ 999 ) paid upfront on enrolment directly to LTi. Enrol and pay via the LTi website:

Teaching practicum-training $600 AUD ( US$ 400 ) paid upon arrival at Seu Tesol directly.

*Note - the payment for practice-teaching to Seu TESOL includes preparation and materials for practice-teaching, assistance for classroom-observation, practice-teaching supervision, and transport to local schools.

Course Details

• Nominal Study Hours: 580 – 650 hours.

• Observe and work with an experienced ESL teacher.

• A mix of theory and practical training on how to teach English to speakers of other languages.

• Get hands-on experience of putting the knowledge learned into practice in real-life - preparing a teaching plan and teaching at least 6 hours in a Thai school environment under ESL teacher supervision. Besides, you have the opportunity for an additional 6 hours teaching component on your own.

• Get an internationally recognized certificate ( Cert IV ); this requires graduates to complete a minimum of 12 hours of authentic practical placement with Thai students.

• Get experience that you can put on your resume.

• Analyse the relationship between culture and learning.

• Understand English language and communication.

• Gain knowledge of the genre-based approach to teaching English.

• Plan lessons and classroom management strategies.

• Understand and teach grammar, spelling and pronunciation.

• Teach others to speak, listen, read and write English.

• Evaluate English ability.

• Create, collect and collate teaching resources.

• Plus complete 1 elective.

• 12 hours of Practical Placement.

• TESCIE001 - Create a culturally inclusive learning environment

• TESGAE001 - Use the genre approach to teach English

• TESTEG001 - Teach English grammar

• TESTSP001 - Teach spelling and pronunciation

• TESTSE001 - Teach speaking

• TESTLE001 - Teach listening

• TESTRE001 - Teach reading

• TESTWE001 - Teach writing

• TESDRF001 - Develop resource files

Certificate IV in TESOL students also complete one (1) of the following elective units:

• TESECL001 - Teach ESL to early childhood learners

• TESPSL001 - Teach ESL to primary school-aged learners

• Gain knowledge of the genre-based approach to teaching English.

• TESTAL001 - Teach ESL to teenage learners

• TESMAD001 - Use music, art and drama in TESOL

• TESTEC001 - Use technology to assist ESL learning

• TESWWV001 - Work with volunteers in ESL contexts

• TESCBC001 - Establish community-based English classes

*Please note: Seu TESOL only offers a limited number of electives. Students will be advised on a course by course basis.

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