Things To Know About Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Asia is well known as one of the most popular destinations for teaching abroad. With a very healthy demand for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and a huge variety of school options. Once you are looking for TESOL course in Thailand to expand your opportunity for a teaching career, Thailand may become one of your best choices because of many sensible reasons.

Best locations for ESL teachers

Major cities in Thailand 

Not only Bangkok, the capital city, but also in many major cities around Thailand have the highest concentration of teaching jobs. There’s also a large number of expat with a multi-culture society and international facilities. Furthermore, those major cities are easy to travel around the country by plane, train, bus, or taxi.

The rural area of Thailand

Many provinces in Thailand are hiring ESL teachers for schools in their area. The demanding of having ESL teachers is extremely high recently. To live and work closely to local teachers and students is a big gateway to absorb and feel the harmony with the Thai culture which you probably cannot find it in metropolitan cities. 

Types of schools

Schools in Thailand vary in hours of work, amount of workload, curriculum, materials provided, amenities, class size, and age of students. You can choose from public or government schools, private schools, language schools, work for corporations teaching business English, offer individuals lessons or even teach monks in monasteries as a volunteer. Opportunities to teach English in Thailand are everywhere.

Inside the classroom

Class Sizes

Depending on your chosen location and school, challenges in the classroom will vary, but overcrowded classes are common. Some teachers will have a Thai teaching assistant, but this is not always guaranteed. Students in a single class may have different commands of English, so it can be difficult to balance the material to all levels of understanding. Additionally, some schools may lack access to quality materials, computers, printers, and other technologies.

Student motivation and behaviour

Expectations can sometimes get the best of any international teacher. In some cases, Thai students simply have no motivation to learn English; maybe they are too shy or do not see the benefit in learning another language. Whatever the case, try to have fun and do not lose your enthusiasm. Try not to get discouraged if student progress is slow. 

Thailand is a charming country, with welcoming and friendly people, rich and authentic culture and plenty of job opportunities. Once there, you may never want to leave. Your adventure is waiting!


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